Ultimate themes that matter…

The av8or Demo

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This image, of which I am very proud, resides in the archives at The NewYork Institute of Photography. When submitted as a first term project, my instructor, Elinor Stecker-Orel, was quite taken with the image and its use of motion while retaining a certain clarity and vibrant color.

This is another shot from my days on film, a time when I feel that shooting images was considerably less technologically involved. I could concern myself more about composition and capturing light then worrying about histograms and white balance.

Themes that matter

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On a morning walk in early summer I happened to catch a glimpse of this lone dew drop hanging precariously from the top of a single blade of grass. Ample side lighting and a large aperture allowed me to make this blade stand out against a blurred background of other grasses. Despite being a hand-held image I managed to capture a great deal of clarity and definition–enough that you can actually see the street-scape clearly inverted the dew drop.