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On the "No Links" page we see an example of Slinkee used solely as an accordion to show and hide content.

  • What is Slinkee? Slinkee is all kinds of wonderful...

    What is Slinkee?

    Slinkee is an accordion-like menu to help your visitors stay informed while bouncing about your site. One click reveals a sample of the linked page while the second click takes them there.

    Use Slinkee as a narrow, vertical menu in your sidebar or spread it out in your content for some fun, accordion style hide and seek.

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  • What does Slinkee do? It's a bird, it's a plane...

    What can I do with Slinkee?

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    • Adjustable number of items;
    • Built-in hide mode while editing your other stacks;
    • Menu radius size;
    • Transpareny level;
    • Font size;
    • Enable gradients;
    • Graphical treatments;
    • Color options.
  • How do I use Slinkee? It couldn't be any easier...

    How to use Slinkee

    1. Drag a Slinkee stack element from your Stacks Library onto your Stacks page.
    2. Click on each "Page Link" and add a properly formed URI or hash (#) anchor.
    3. Click on each "Page Name" to give each link a name.
    4. Click on each "Description" to give each link an optional description.
    5. Drag other stacks into each available "Drop Down" content space and propagate each item with text and media as needed.
    6. Add or remove menu items from the settings panel.
    7. Make other adjustments like font size, gradient, shadow, radius and color.

Why use Slinkee?

Easy to Use

Slinkee is easy to use and fast to implement. Within minutes you'll have your own supplemental navigation.

Very Clean

Slinkee was coded by us from the ground up—No 3rd party code, no excess scripts to slow you down.

Rock Solid

One thing we do better then anyone is protect our code to make is secure, fast and effecient.